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smsParking Terms & Conditions

1. The smsParking service is currently available to both Etisalat and Du subscribers of post-paid and pre-paid mobile numbers.

2. The smsParking service user that carries a prepaid mobile number shall ensure having sufficient balance in their mobile phone account to cover the parking and service charge fees.

3. Registration is not mandatory for all private plate numbers of the seven emirates in U.A.E, where registration is available for all users of private and non-private plate numbers of U.A.E and GCC countries. Registration can be done using the website (

4. The smsParking service user must follow the instructions illustrated in the user guide and ensure messages are sent in the correct format as specified in the user guide. Service charges shall be applicable in case of wrong message format sent. Sharjah Municipality shall not bare any responsibility or consequences in such cases.

5. A service charge of thirty eight (38) fills will be charged by the telecom operator in addition to the parking fees.

6. Purchasing a ticket is available only for one hour. In case of user didn’t mention the one hour tariff then the smsParking system will automatically calculate the same tariff (1 hour) as a default and the user will be charged accordingly.

7. Instructions and steps of reserving a park through smsParking are illustrated on the parking machine.

8. An easy to use Smart Phones application is available to help users saving their cars details which will help composing an SMS to request virtual permit (ShjsmsParking).

9. The service shall adhere to all Sharjah Municipality's terms and conditions.

10. Sharjah Municipality shall not be held accountable in case of service charges deducted and the service was not delivered due to mobile operator system failure or an emergency outage.

11. For enquires or complaints please call 993.